VinSan Therapeutics Inc.

by roudy

VinSan Therapeutics Inc. (VSI) is the world leader, discoverer, and original inventor/innovator of Intellectual property for the development of Topical Cannabis-Based Medicines for Integumentary (cutaneous & mucous membranes) and Wound Management.

Dr. Vincent Maida is the Founder, President and CEO of VSI.

The corporate name and logo for VSI is steeped in symbolism.

Dr. Maida’s Latin roots and heritage, are reflected in the corporate name:

“Vin” is not only the prefix of his name but also is derived from the Latin term “Vincere” which translates into: “to conquer”, “to be victorious”, “to succeed”

“San” is derived from the Latin term “Sanare” which translates into: “to heal”, “to cure”, “to sanitize”

The VSI logo carried the following symbolic links:

Green: the colour of hope

Cannabis leaf: the basis of for TCBM

World: TCBM and its global relevance

Check mark: Subliminal image for the Founders name and a symbol for acceptance and adoption.

Chemistry Beaker: Represents the development of Cannabis-Based Medicines (Formulations and associated technologies).